Sustainability Focused, Active and Accomplished

The 13,000 Manitobans who rely on this industry for their livelihood have the same concerns as you – we want to see opportunity created today, while ensuring future generations also have what they need to thrive. Sustainability is a front and center focus for us as we consistently take action to balance social/community needs, environmental and economic factors.


Social & Community Needs

  • Helping families avoid relocation
  • Providing affordable source of protein
  • Livelihood for thousands of families
  • Funding local community causes

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  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Reducing land and water usage impact
  • Organic fertilizer for grain farmers
  • National leaders in safe manure management

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Economy: Stability and Opportunity

  • Contributing $1.7 billion each year
  • Jobs for 13,000 Manitobans
  • Creating stability in our economy

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Caring for Livestock

  • Our livelihood is dependent on animal health
  • Investing millions in new housing
  • Laws to protect animals from mistreatment

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