Boosting Manitoba’s Economy by $1.7 Billion Annually

Sustainability Focus

A key pillar of sustainability is economic wellbeing – in our case, the ability that our industry has to create a positive financial impact in the lives of rural and urban Manitobans and a positive impact on our province’s economy overall. Economic sustainability also means producing food at a price that Manitobans can afford, and operating in a profitable manner so that our industry can continue to create jobs and contribute economic wellbeing for decades to come.


Contributing $1.7 Billion to Our Economy Every Year

There are few industries in Manitoba that contribute more than the $1.7 billion that our pork industry produces every single year. Manitoba pork is recognized as a world-class product and is one of our province’s highest-ranking exports, vital to our economic wellbeing. From the feed demand we create for grain farmers and feed mills, to the economic activity generated for veterinarians, scientists and transportation companies, to the spending generated by our 13,000 employees, the pork industry creates a major boost to our economy. This annual contribution to our economy doesn’t just help those who work in the industry, it helps generate economic stability for all Manitobans.


Creating 13,000 Jobs for Manitobans

One of the most important contributors to a healthy economy is the creation of jobs – when people have work, they spend money in their communities and pay the taxes that enable us all to receive the social services we need to live. The work of our pork processors and related businesses creates significant opportunities for Manitobans in our rural centres and over the past few decades has been one of the only industries that has consistently created new jobs in rural communities. These new rural jobs have provided an essential boost to these communities that consistently suffer from people needing to leave to find jobs in urban centres. From farmer families, environmental scientists, veterinarians, feed mill operators and construction workers to truck drivers, office professionals and barn managers – the pork industry creates over 13,000 jobs for Manitoban families just like yours.