Social Needs and Community

Sustainability Focus Group Photo

The heart of our sustainability focus is about making a positive contribution to society - to the lives of Manitobans and to the communities in which we live and operate in. We do this every day by: producing a healthy source of protein that families can afford, creating a livelihood for 13,000 Manitobans, helping to keep families together by creating jobs in rural communities, donating over 2,000 pounds of pork annually to Manitobans in poverty and volunteering thousands of hours to communities across the province.


Affordable Protein for Manitoba Families

For many Manitobans, the cost of feeding their family is a growing source of worry, especially when it comes to the cost of nutritious protein sources like meat. Manitoba’s pork farmers produce one of the most affordable sources of protein in the world – lean cuts which are nutritious, safe and healthy – making it more accessible for families to eat well.


A Livelihood for 13,000 Manitobans

We believe there are few social contributions that have a bigger and more positive impact on people’s lives than access to a good job, so we are proud to be responsible for creating work for thousands of Manitobans. From farmer families, environmental scientists, veterinarians, feed mill operators and construction workers to truck drivers, office professionals and barn managers – the pork industry creates over 13,000 jobs for Manitoban families just like yours.


Helping Rural Families Stay Together

Over the past few decades, career opportunities have been steadily declining in rural areas across Manitoba, forcing more and more people to move to urban centres, even if they’d rather stay close to their family and home community. Manitoba’s pork industry is proud to be one of the few sources of new job creation in rural communities – jobs that enable families to make a real living and remain close to the people and communities that they love.

Hog farmers and processors donate financially to thousands of community causes every year, making a major contribution to the social health and wellbeing of the communities where we live and work. Whether it’s at the rink, on the town council or leading a 4-H Club, many of the 13,000 Manitobans working in the pork industry donate extensive volunteer hours in their community.


Providing Healthy Meals for Manitobans in Poverty

Manitoba Pork is proud to donate over 2,000 lbs of pork annually to Manitobans living below the poverty line. This food is donated to homeless shelters such as the Siloam Mission, so people in need have access to healthy, balanced meals.