VCP & Choosing Canadian Pork

Verified Canadian Pork Product

When you’re looking for flavour, tenderness, versatility and healthy eating, Canadian pork is the perfect choice. Pork produced in Canada is top quality, safe and delicious. Its mild taste is well-suited to diverse flavour combinations – spicy, hot, tangy, or sweet – and is the basis for many ethnic favourites. A wide variety of pork cuts, both bone-in and boneless, suit all cooking styles and make meal planning and preparations easy.

If the fresh pork at your favourite grocery store or butcher shop isn’t labeled, be sure to ask where it comes from.

Verified Canadian Pork (VCP)

Verified Canadian Pork™ (VCP) is a trademarked brand owned by participating farmers and pork processors dedicated to offering premium quality Canadian pork traditionally raised and minimally processed under the highest food safety standards in the world.

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